“And I thought, all these things don’t seem that much like life, when you’re doing them, they’re just what you do, how you fill up your days…”
– Alice Munro


EverythingWeCallOrdinary_book FINAL 2


Mark Heinlein’s enthralling first book is a marvel of close observation and narrative nuance. ”  – Alan Soldofsky, Author of In the Buddha Factory


“He captures the rhythms of thought, the common, odd and tender details, and delivers moments that are arresting, poignant, memorable.”  – Ellen Bass, Author of The Human Line, Mules of Love and Like A Beggar


“Heinlein’s introspection reveals that what seems empty, tarnished, or broken forms the cracks through which we glimpse extraordinary grace and the sweet small miracles that comprise a well-lived life.”

Sally Ashton, Author of Her Name is Juanita and Some Odd Afternoon


“These monologues tell of a hard life on the edges of 21st Century America.” – Joseph Millar, Author of Overtime and Blue Rust


Everything We Call Ordinary, Mark’s first book, is forthcoming from Tourane Poetry Press. Email MarkHeinleinPoetry@gmail.comif you are interested in ordering a book, or order one at http://touranepoetrypress.wordpress.com/.

Also, feel free to buy dozens or more from Amazon:



Many thousands of thanks.



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