Mark Heinlein & Myles Forman


“Beautiful Music”

Mark Heinlein is described as a “modern-day Everyman.” He lives a working man’s life as a fishmonger at a grocery store in San Jose. But he’s also an award-winning poet, whose poem “Gravity” was selected for the 2012 “Poetry On The Move” campaign, and who traveled on the buses and light rail system throughout Santa Clara County. In 2014, he published a book of his poetry, “Everything We Call Ordinary.”

Myles Forman is an upright and electric bass player out of San Jose, CA. Myles earned a B.A. in Philosophy from San Jose State University. He has played in many projects but is most proud of his current work in the San Jose based soul rock band ‘Melted State’.



Speaking at TEDx San Jose State University not only inspired me by the interesting ideas that were shared by the speakers, but the event coordinators – especially Kelly Huynh and Johnny Tran – showed a competence and sophistication that was remarkable.  I hope you will check out my talk, “Family, Culture and How A Poet Makes His Bread,” as well as the other speakers absorbing ideas.


On February 15th I was lucky enough to pitch a three minute talk at TEDx Monterey to try and earn a spot to talk at their event April 26th.

This was my 3 line pitch to earn a spot to give a 3 minute pitch to earn a spot for the Talk:

Poetry changes lives – by reveling in the infinite inquiry of the divine or the infinitesimal yet significant act of hand touching hand, the gestures of love which require seconds to give – by measuring the pulse of language to the heartbeats of our bodies. Life buzzes with poetry which in turn edges life into moments which remain timeless. I want to change the world around me one [heartbeat] at [heartbeat] a [heartbeat] time.

While I will not be looking over the edge into the audience at this year’s 2014 TEDx Monterey, if you want to see the 3 minute audition I performed for them, check this out:



TEDxMonterey ”Edges” will take place on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.





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